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3 Easily Forgotten Places to Clean in Most Apartments

July 20th, 2017


Sometimes the things that are right in front of you every day are the hardest to notice. That’s certainly true when it comes to apartment cleaning, where three of the most easily forgotten places to clean aren’t hidden away, but right in front of you:

Your dishwasher filter:

It can certainly be argued that the most overlooked apartment cleaning chore is the one you don’t even know about. Yes, your dishwasher has a filter that captures the debris that failed to dissolve in the wash cycle, and over time it becomes the source of that smell you thought was coming from unwashed dishes. You’ll find it at the drain location, and there will probably be an arrow or some other indication of how to remove it. Give it a good scrub with a dish brush, replace it, and run a cycle or two in the empty dishwasher with a machine cleaner. (You can find machine cleaner in the appliance section of home improvement stores.)

Your washing machine tub:

You use your washing machine all the time, but for days at a time it’s closed, damp, and dark: the perfect environment for mold and mildew. Typical laundry cycles don’t remove it. If your laundry doesn’t seem as fresh as it should, try cleaning the washing machine before you decide to buy new towels. These instructions from DIY Network will show you how, and it’s easy enough to make it a regular part of your apartment cleaning. Now aren’t you extra glad you live in an apartment with your own laundry, where you can know you’re washing your clothes in a clean machine?

Your drapery and upholstery:

You sit on your sofa as often as you sleep in your bed, but you probably don’t clean it as often as you wash your sheets. Particles of dust, dead skin, and grime abrade fibers so that they break down quicker, reducing the life of your fabrics, and those retained particles puff out and bother your allergies every time you sit down or open a window. Make upholstery and curtain vacuuming a part of your regular apartment cleaning. It doesn’t add much time to your ordinary vacuuming, and it will improve the life of your fabrics as well as your comfort at home.

When the most overlooked apartment cleaning tasks get the attention they deserve, you’ll enjoy a fresher, more comfortable home.


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