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Live Lavishly this Summer!

Your Guide to Spring Outdoor Activities in Provo

April 21st, 2017


Spring is finally here! You’ve been craving the chance to be outdoors—without your coat—for months. Your Provo apartment puts you in great proximity to world-class outdoor recreation, and we’ve got three great activities to get you outside in the great weather:

The Big Springs Hollow trail is an easy and scenic out-and-back hike. It follows the creek to a broad valley. It gives you mountain views, lots of the shade and vegetation you’ve been craving through the bare winter months. It’s a 4.4-mile loop trail that’s easy for kids or your out-of-shape winter self. The trail starts in the Big Springs Park parking lot, and takes you on a dirt path alongside the creek, with good bridges for all creek crossings. To get to Big Springs Park from your Provo apartment, travel east up Provo Canyon Road to Vivian Park. Turn right onto South Fork Road, then continue about 2.5 miles to Big Springs Park.

Summer cycling is great in Utah, and spring is the time to get your legs and your bike tuned up. Hold off on canyon climbs for now and give yourself a gentle start on the Provo River Parkway Trail. It’s just over 15 miles long, running between Utah Lake State Park and Vivian Park in Provo Canyon, and is designated for just pedestrians and cyclists. You can enter the trail almost anywhere along its length—use the map on this site to find the spot that’s most convenient from your Provo apartment.

If you have just a little time, or if you have babies or toddlers that might not be up to a true hike, enjoy the colors of spring at the BYU Arboretum and Duck Pond. Feel your stress melt away as you walk the peaceful garden paths, enjoy your kids’ fun with the ducks, and stretch out on the grass as you’ve been wanting to all winter long. Access is on the south side of BYU campus, along 800 North in Provo, between 300 East and 500 East.

When you live in a Provo apartment, you have both maintenance-free living and the wide-open Utah wilderness at your doorstep, so don’t waste a minute. Get out there and enjoy yourself!


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