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Keep Your 2017 New Years Resolutions with The Residences at Monteval

January 19th, 2017


Resolutions are easy to make and hard to keep. The more help you have, the better your chances of being successful. When you live at The Residences at Monteval, you have a partner to help you with the biggest part: making healthy lifestyle habits. Here are some of things we do for you:

1. Bring the gym to you:

The easier something is to use, the more likely it is you’ll use it. The Residences at Monteval brings the gym all the way home to you. A triple-size fitness center with professional-grade workout equipment is just steps away from your sofa. When you have to make a separate trip to a gym, it’s hard to find time before or after work. But with a triple-size fitness center at home, you can slide chicken in the oven, slip over to the gym for twenty or thirty minutes, and return in time to take it out. Come summertime, you can add swimming to your workout routine with a resort-style pool.

2. Eliminate time-consuming chores:

It’s easy for household chores to consume an undue amount of your free time. But at The Residences at Monteval you can enjoy maintenance-free living. No snow shoveling, yard work, repairs, or maintenance chores. The weekends and evenings are all yours. With that kind of free time, you can take advantage of outdoor recreation that people come from all over the world to enjoy.

3. Equip you to eat healthy:

Packaged and prepared foods are the enemies of a healthy diet. To eat properly, you need to do your own cooking with fresh ingredients. But apartment kitchens are often the rooms you most want to avoid: narrow, windowless, isolated, and cramped. Apartments at The Residences at Monteval feature open floor plans, where the kitchen is open and lets the cook stay part of everything going on in the family room. Designer finishes, quartz countertops, and tile backsplashes make it easy to enjoy being in the kitchen, and ample storage means you can keep your surfaces clear to do all your best work.

So if you’re looking for a place to live that supports the fit and active lifestyle you want, look no further than The Residences at Monteval.


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