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Maximize Your Closet Space with These Simple Steps

May 19th, 2017


If you aren’t feeling the love for your closet these days, it’s probably dragging down your overall apartment organization as well. With these simple steps, you can turn things around and make it into a contributing member of the household again:

1. Clean it out:

Don’t go by half measures. Set aside a chunk of time, empty the closet completely, and give your apartment organization goal a clean start. There are bound to be clothes and shoes you’ve forgotten about that just slowly migrated out of sight and are taking up precious space. Do this before you try to figure out how much space you actually have. Then go one step further: take advantage of outside storage to limit the contents of your apartment to only those things you use all the time.

2. Refill and re-evaluate:

Return your pared-down wardrobe to the closet and look at the shape and size of empty volume. Leave out things like shoes or accessories that still need their own organization solutions. Organize hanging clothes by length so that you can identify a block of space available for you to build up from the floor. Do you (or will you) have unused volume above whatever you store on the closet shelf? These open spaces give you a hint of what closet capacity is available for apartment organization tools you would like to add.

3. Embrace the grid:

There’s a reason why odd-shaped items are shipped in boxes. Apartment organization in every room benefits from orderly geometry that keeps things in straight lines. Ditch mixed-size (and collapsing) boxes and replace them with stackable bins and drawers. Before you load your closet shelf again, add shelf dividers to keep folded stacks in place. Finish with matching hangers so that hanging clothes are lined up at the same level and are easy to see.

4. Be creative:

The operative word in any storage container is “container.” A container contains. What it contains is up to you and limited only by your own creativity, and repurposed pieces can offer lots of genius solutions for apartment organization. Store rolled sweaters or t-shirts in a shoe organizer. Or organize your underwear and socks. Or separate your workout gear into all its many types. Look at a tie rack and think about what you can hang on those tidy little dowels, such as camisoles, bras, or jewelry. Raid your office organizers for closet solutions. Use a file rack for clutches and wallets, or desk organizers for jewelry or spare buttons.

5. Look up:

The key to apartment organization is getting things off the floor, which makes walls valuable for storage. Look for unused space along the interior walls of your closet. Shoe racks or pantry racks add valuable storage to the backs of swinging closet doors. Perhaps your clothes fill the closet from front to back, but are walls above them untouched and available? Hanging rails or towel racks are great for hanging heeled shoes, and hooks for belts and jewelry help keep things tidy. If necessary, give yourself permission to spread outside the closet. If you style shelving units with decorative containers and accessories, you can turn closet storage into bedroom decor.

When you make the most of your closet, you give yourself a leg up on apartment organization and can feel more relaxed at home.


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