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4 Apartment Amenities That Will Make Your Home Feel Even More Like Home

February 3rd, 2017


“So do you live in a home or apartment?” Everyone has had to answer that question at some point, to guide friends to you for a party, perhaps, or steer a delivery person. The fact is, your apartment is your home. The more bare-bones it is, though, the harder it is to make it feel that way. Consider how much these four apartment amenities will make your home life more comfortable:

1. In-home laundry:

Nothing makes you feel less cared for and appreciated as a tenant than hauling laundry and sitting in front of banks of machines. Having a full-size washer and dryer in your unit can be counted among priceless apartment amenities. You have the freedom to start a load anytime you want and leave it while you do other things, without risk of having your wet things pulled out or your turn at the dryer usurped.

2. Open floor plan and high ceilings:

Many apartments can feel tight, sectioned off, and barely large enough to hold you. Open floor plans and high ceilings give you a feeling of spaciousness. They let you cook and still be engaged with others in the living room. Instead of being squeezed against a back wall, kitchens are bright, airy, and open, making the entire living and dining area more cozy and welcoming.

3. Outdoor spaces:

When you live in an apartment, only the indoor space is strictly yours. But apartment amenities are all about giving you access to spaces you don’t have to care for. You have shared outdoor spaces, far in excess of what you’d expect to have in a single-family home. A playground, a fire pit and barbecue area for sharing with a group, a pool and hot tub. Yours to enjoy, nothing to maintain.

4. Fitness center:

Among apartment amenities, a fitness center is the ultimate luxury, and ultimate deal-maker. You don’t have to choose between giving precious floor space to a giant treadmill and finding time to go out to the gym. There are terrific benefits to well designed short workouts, and with a gym only steps away from your door you can always find time to squeeze in the exercise you need.

When you’re looking for a new apartment, remember to look at the apartment amenities. They’ll make all the difference in how much it feels like home.


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