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Entertaining at Your Apartment is Possible with These Tips

May 11th, 2017


All successful entertainers are adaptable. The dish that doesn’t turn out, the punchbowl that spills, the awkward space. If you think apartment living rules out entertaining for you, think again. If you’re willing to be adaptable, these tips will help you not only entertain, but do it with style:

Adapt your cooking:

With apartment living, your party will be more successful if you plan dishes, drinks, and snacks that can be prepared ahead of time and served with minimal effort. The more time you spend in the kitchen, the more your guests will crowd in there with you, or feel awkward and guilty while you’re in there by yourself. Keep things calm and let yourself be a social host by planning simple dishes you can make ahead.

Adapt your furniture arrangement:

Chances are that your furniture is arranged to make apartment living good for you. But when you’re entertaining, the space is being used entirely differently. Clear away anything not absolutely essential for seating or for setting down plates and glasses. Arrange furniture so that people can move around freely, converse easily, and find a place to sit. And don’t forget furniture rental. Rental chairs are inexpensive, and if you want to host a holiday meal, push everything out of the way and set a long rental table.

Adapt your decorating:

All those fabulous, over-the-top ideas you can find with a quick Pinterest search? Forget them. You want to make your event special, but a few touches will do it. Clear away any personal decor that’s on surfaces guests will need to use, and decorate in a few splashes. Line a few candles and bud vases along your service area, rather than anchor the table with a space-hogging floral arrangement. Turn your decorating eye upward: garland or themed fabric around the windows, candles or theme decor along the tops of bookshelves, a bouquet of helium balloons against the ceiling. For high-impact, low-intrusion sparkle, turn to light strings. This gallery will help you catch the vision.

Adapt your locale:

Don’t forget the greatest feature of apartment living: complex amenities. If you want to host an event for a group that’s truly too large for your apartment, capitalize on the amenities that are available for the express purpose of expanding your lifestyle. Host game night in the theater room. Call a pool party. Throw a barbecue. And the best part? When your guests go home, you get to go home, as well, to find everything exactly as you left it.

If you’re as adaptable as any good host, entertaining can be a regular part of apartment living.


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